MOVE BITCH, GET OUT THE WAY (Part II): Pennsylvania Drivin’

As someone who has lived in the state of PA all my life, nothing brings a sense of shame (and frustration) to me more than the state of our roads and the (seeming) incompetence of our drivers.  One of the most frustrating acts of all is how PA drivers seem to ignore one of the most basic rules of the road that there is, namely: “STAY THE FUCK TO THE RIGHT.”

Everyone is waiting for you to get the fuck out of the way…

It is actually quite simple.  When there are multiple lanes of travel in the same direction, there is no reason why you should be in the left-most lane unless you are passing someone.  Once you are done passing someone, move back to the right so that others may also pass you.  It seems so simple and yet countless morons seem to violate this sacred principle daily.  Worse yet, it has been SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN that the vast majority of these lane-blockers ALWAYS seem to be driving a SUBARU or a PRIUS.  God help you if it is an old fart driving a SUBARU, cuz you’re fucked.  These people are ROAD HAZARDS so blinkers should be used when in their vicinity…

We need to have a conversation about your driving skills

The state publishes driving guidelines in its “DOT Manual” at https://driving-tests.org/pennsylvania/pa-dot-drivers-handbook-manual/

Somewhat surprisingly, there isn’t a *single* fucking mention of staying to the right anywhere in the whole damn manual.  Could it really be the case that the entire state drives like shit, all because the flunky that wrote the driving manual never thought to include this???   HEY, at least there’s a section on “ECO Driving” which might explain all of the fucking PRIUS drivers dilly-dallying in the left lane…

Well, there you have it folks, the population of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are officially given a pass on their asinine driving habits.  Drivers from NY and NJ that suffer these fools are encouraged to write or call PennDOT with your concerns.  I am sure they will get to work fixing the manual, right after they fix all of those potholes…


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