MOVE BITCH, GET OUT THE WAY (Part I): Bicyclists

Nothing pisses your pal DESTRO off more than bicyclists who ignore the rules of the road.  Like entitled little children, they think that they own the roads, cars should look out for THEM, and that everything is automatically your fault when something goes wrong.   Newsflash fuckers:  as a bicyclist on the roadway, you are BOUND to the same rules as cars.  That means you must stop at stop signs and stop lights, you must yield to traffic / pedestrians as if you were a car, and you must follow all posted speed-limits and traffic signage.  You do not get to play by the rules as a motorist at one point, and then pretend to be a pedestrian at another.  I am telling you this because you obviously don’t realize that this is the case…  and because I don’t want any of you delicate snowflakes to get HURT or MAIMED out there.

Allow me to put this another way.  When it comes to bicycle vs. car…

…no matter what.  Even if it’s a vintage Fiat.  It is in your VESTED INTEREST to obey the “rules of the road.”  *I* will not feel one bit bad if you end up under my 33″ swampers after failing to stop at a stop sign.  Plus, that Thai dinner you were delivering will probably end up all over the pavement, causing more accidents.  How would you feel about that?  You just caused multiple accidents (maybe even a pile-up) and got blood all over my Mickey Thompson’s -someone will have to clean up your mess, and you will forever be known as a societal leach.  Somewhere, the Terrorists will have won…

For those of you that live in Pennsylvania, the State publishes a great deal of info to learn you ass how to ride:


Now that you know your place, we’re all a bit safer.


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