MAN STUFF: Weber Genesis II Gas Grills

As Hunter S. Thompson famously quipped, anything worth doing is worth doing right.  When grilling Lion Burgers, Mexican Street Corn, or a Curry Chicken, only the best will do, and in the consumer realm, a Weber grill is about as good as it gets.  This review is about the E-410 model in “Copper” color ($899).

Built to last, Weber grills look good, work well, and almost never need repairs.  When they do, Weber’s customer service chops are top-notch.  Many people own their Weber grills for decades, some even for life.  Do yourself a favor and forget about buying a piece of shit grill for $150 at the Walmart or Target.  Cook on a man’s grill, and get it in a custom enamel color (copper, red, green) to really show the neighbors that you’re better than they are.

All Weber burners are made of stainless steel and come with electronic ignitions.   The grills are constructed with quality parts, casters are sturdy and lockable, and grease drip pans are easy to access from the front. The propane tank is on the right and (at least on our model), a handy meter (based on the weight of the propane tank) tells you how much gas you have left.

Most of the grills are “iGrill” ready which really only means that it has a plastic piece (shown above) occupying the hole where the optional iGrill unit is supposed to go.  That doo-hickey will set you back another $100, but is probably only useful for those that think the stupid game on TV is more important than the existential glee one gets from meticulously grilling a choice cut of meat.  Whatever.

The V shaped “flavorizer” bars cover the burners while simultaneously  “vaporizing” meat juice in the hopes that the flavor somehow returns to the meat.  I don’t know if that actually works or not and I don’t really care either:  the added scent of vaporized beast essence and the flaring pyrotechnics are enough to make it worth it to me.  Temperature control and consistency was and is excellent on the reviewed unit.

The four burner model has plenty of real estate, easily accommodating 20+ burgers, chicken breasts, or sausages.  I suppose one may even have room for some vegetables too, if THAT sort of thing is your cup of tea…  If you are concerned with single family grilling (only), the 3 burner model will more than likely suffice.  For anything more, we recommend the 4 burner model.

Available in 2, 3, 4, and 6 burner configurations and multiple colors on some versions, $500 – $1,900.  Look for end of season sales and “free assembly” offers when buying!

Note:  Since being acquired by money changers in 2010, Weber grills are no longer produced in the U.S.A. (which is why this article will not appear in that section).


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