The clothing spectrum of men is a simple one:  on one end you have the fancy types with their expensive, polished, and typically “bespoke” gear, and on the other end you have those men who must labor for a living and, thus, dress accordingly.  The middle degree is occupied by the banal -these men dress much as they did in “college” and can be spotted whilst strutting about in their typical uniforms:  baseball cap, t-shirt, cargo shorts, and running shoes.  Their wardrobe is persistently logo-ed with the only elements of meaning from their past:  the state school they attended, the cheap beer they drank, and the annoying sports slogans they pretended to live by.

Some men feel they must choose one camp or the other.  For those of us who like to live authentically, we can appreciate both ends of the spectrum and incorporate the best of both in our wardrobe.

Such is the case with Redwing Shoes and Boots.  At $300+ a pair, it is unlikely that a working man could afford these, despite names like “Lineman” and “Blacksmith” being used for their products.  The “Iron Ranger” boots shown here (a bestseller) are from their “Heritage” collection and are (according to their website) meant to “represent the American ideals of prosperous work and excellence.”   Ours were “Copper” colored; several other colors are available, online and in-store.


The leather is of high quality, thick, and very soft to the touch.  Stitching is well-done, and in triplicate.   Soles are oil resistant -great to have if you decide to change your ’69 Chevy’s oil in them, or find yourself sitting astride a vintage Triumph. Toes are reinforced (though not steel-tipped) for added durability.

Such quality and craftsmanship in a product that is both stylish and functional (should you dare to wear them to work) is appreciated.  Many of the Redwing product lines are still made in the U.S., with leather sourced from a factory-owned source.  Lesser (and cheaper) lines of Redwings are available, though it should be noted that these are manufactured overseas.

Whatever color you choose and whichever model you decide upon, part of the fun will be wearing these in with daily use.  Ours already feature scars from a motorcycle shifter, and we look forward to adding more through the coming years.

Highly recommended for daily wear, IF you can afford them…

Online and in-stores @ $319 pair…


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