KEVinyl Bargain Bin Digs:  Creedence Clearwater Revival

Bargain Bin Digs are LPs that I’ve found in the less than $5 bargain bins at local record stores, not purchased online.  There’s a difference.  You have to dig for these.  The records aren’t necessarily anything new to some of you, especially considering the bargain digs are all second hand and have been around for 30 to 40 years already.  Old news, right?  To some newbies, these will be the low hanging fruit needed to diversify your collection, explore music, and scoop up, most importantly, on the cheap.


Artist:  Creedence Clearwater Revival

Album:  Bayou Country

Condition:  VG; lots of noise, crackles and scratches, and ring wear, but when it comes to CCR, it’s like mud and dents on a Jeep Wrangler.  It’s called character.

Cost: $4.00 – Norristown, PA

Favorite Tracks:

Born on the Bayou, Proud Mary, Keep on Chooglin’


History:  Bayou Country is CCR’s second album, circa 1969.  Much better than their first album.


Why Buy This?:  Good Southern Swamp music.  You really can’t go wrong with any CCR.  This one just happened to be my first Creedence album on LP.  Blasting the first track, Born on the Bayou, as it builds its intro is enough of a reason to buy this one.  It makes me feel like I should be crawling through the jungle hunting bad guys or maybe the Predator.

I have a mix of CCR on Google Play that I blast when I’m doing yard work.  It’s a little more difficult to bring an entire record player and speakers into the yard, so this is probably the closest I’ll get to the jungle life.  Chainsaw, Bandana, Boots, and some CCR.  Keep on Chooglin’.

While not my favorite CCR LP, this one will be a good one to start out with on the cheap.  When you’re done here, check out Green River and Willy and the Poor Boys, though these may run you a little more than the bargain bin.  I think I may have paid between $10-15 for each.  You may find one or two in VG condition, if you’re ok with a lower graded copy.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy This:

  1. You’re a communist.  CCR is good old American music.  There’s no such thing as bad Creedence.
  2. Your testicles have not descended yet.  If the first reason isn’t a match for you (you’re a communist), then the only other reason to not buy CCR is because you’re pussy whipped and afraid your girlfriend won’t like it.  My wife hates it…  Which is why I now have all of their LPs.


KEVinyl is a self-proclaimed Music Enthusiast / Level 1,000 Vinyl Digger / Hoarder / Open Synth Pop Lover whose musical preference spans from Rock, Prog, Synth Pop, a little Jazz and the Classics, Synth Pop, 80’s, 70’s, Blues, Brit Pop, Synth Pop, Post Modern Punk, some Metal, and a lot of Synth Pop.  He is not afraid or ashamed to play Men Without Hats, whilst singing and doing the Safety Dance with the windows open.

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