BECAUSE WE CAN: Vintage Cuban Montecristo #2’s

SIZE:  6.175″ x 52 (Torpedo)


TASTES LIKE:  A Cuban cigar should…

Notes:  The Cuban Monte #2 is arguably the best all-around cigar in the Universe.  It is the BMW 3-series of the cigar world; checking all of the boxes nicely and capably.  We have two vintage smokes to compare, one from a 2003 box and the other from a 2005 box.  With 15 years of aging, the 2003 smoke has mellowed to Cuban perfection, just the right amount of spice & sweet.  10,500 Points (100 point scale).  Which means it is already better than every other cigar you probably have smoked.  It’s 13 year old cousin has a slightly darker wrapper and is a bit more spicy than the 2003, offering a nice contrast to the older stogie -easily worth 8,096 points (out of 100), making it better than any cigar you have smoked, unless you are me, and have smoked the higher scoring 2003 smoke as well.

Left:  2003 Production / Right:  2005 Production

Price:  $N/A

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